The Second Amendment

Featured at 2005 NRA Convention, in Houston, Texas!

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Won First Place in the 2004 Easy Rider's Motorcycle Show in Dallas!

The Second Amendment Custom Harley Motorcycle
For Sale

You can own this show-stopping ride that harnesses the power of a Harley and showcases American pride! This custom bike is a masterpiece in workmanship that commands attention and screams style.

National Rifle Association
The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed...

Charlton Heston Second Amendment

The awesome details of this sweet ride will display your support of the NRA with pride and grace!
Won best paint at Easy Rider bike show Dallas 2003

Star Colt Pistols God created man Sam Colt made them equal
Paint by: DuSold Designs

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Engine: 2003 Harley Davidson Twin Cam
Frame: Gambler/Rubbertail

Builder: Rick Fairless' Strokers Dallas

Custom Motorcycle

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Gun Engraving David Harris
Master Gun Engraver
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Firearm Engraving

The Second Amendment
The Second Amendment Custom Motorcycle
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The Second Amendment- a Custom Motorcycle that is a showcase of style and freedom. The power of the Harley and the strength of the Colt combine under one smooth saddle to celebrate that one fundamental right that is ours...

NRA Graphic Freedom Colt

For Sale

Custom Motorcycle

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